Summer Fishing Dauphin island

How we fish in the summer


When the water temperatures are   the warmest of the year (over 75 degrees), speckled trout tend to stay more   active in water deeper than 8 feet. Both Mobile Bay and Mississippi Sound are   loaded with submerged structure and all of it in water deeper than 8 feet   holds trout. The most effective technique is fishing a live shrimp under a slip cork (download the doc below to see how) near the structure . Be sure to   set the depth of the shrimp so that it is in the lower third of the water   column. If the trout are active, this will locate them. From there, try tight-lining a live croaker.  Fishing Dauphin Island during the summer   months are the only time of the year that the trout seem to have a taste for   them, but what a taste they have! Don’t be afraid to put a croaker the size   of your hand on either. You’ll have plenty of action, and that big, hearty   croaker may entice a monster to bite. Redfish start to school as they go   pre-spawn during the summer. During this period, it is not uncommon to see   schools of hundreds of redfish lazing on the surface as they head for the   open Gulf. Fish them smart and you can have some of the most incredible fish   action of your life if you find them. 

For even more information on fishing Mobile Al and Dauphin Island and to ask questions, visit one of our seminars.


Conservation Tip: Although the Alabama regulation is more liberal, on my   charters, I only allow 5 speckled trout per person (14”-19”) and no redfish.   This is done in an effort to protect our resource by allowing the larger   breeding fish to live. Redfish are also very slow to reach sexual maturity,   so it is even more important to release them. If you cherish our fishery as   much as I, try this lowered boat limit. Also, remember to handle the fish   properly if you are going to release them. Be sure that the net as well as   your hands are wet. This will protect the fish’s delicate “slime” layer and   prevent infection. I always say, “A filet lasts one meal, but a picture lasts   forever- you may even make this website!”